FRUAM group (Autonoma University of Madrid, Science Faculty)

The Froncat research group is located in the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid and belongs to the campus of excellence UAM-CSIC. The research of this group is circumscribed within the catalysis. The three main lines of research that are being developed are organocatalysis, photocatalysis and porous materials catalysis. The three main lines of research are focused on the development of new catalytic processes that are more efficient and, in some cases, more stereo- and enantio-selectives.

In recent years, the FRONCAT research group has directed its research towards photocatalysis, both homogeneous and heterogeneous. Within the heterogeneous catalysis, molecular organic frameworks (MOF) and mesoporous silica materials are being prepared. These materials present, in their structure, both organic and metal complexes units that can act as photocatalysts, which allow catalyzing the photochemical reactions and can be recovered at the end of the process. This is very important because it allows carrying out sustainable processes in which, in addition to using light as a source of clean energy, no waste is generated from the catalysts used, especially when they are derived from metals.