433-LabESCAT laboratory (IMDEA Nanoscience)

The activity of this Laboratory, under the supervision of Miguel Angel Niño, consists in the chemical characterization and surface reactivity of thin film materials. The experimental systems of this Laboratory are available for the different groups of FotoArt for the characterization of their synthesized materials. In these characterization experiments it is performed the analysis activities corresponding to:

  • Fabrication of ultrathin films of catalytic materials made of transition metals, in particular nickel and iron oxyhidroxides epitaxially grown on transparent substrates, as photocathode material for photodissociation water splitting, and the study of degradation and interaction with UV light.
  • Nitrogen fixation processes and nitrogenated gases on thin films of inorganic materials.
  • Study of the chemical reactivity on surfaces of organic materials, like the amino acid polymerization induced by UV light.

The services of the Catalytic Surfaces Spectroscopy Laboratory at IMDEA Nanoscience that are available are based on:

  • Chemical composition studies of organic and inorganic materials in thin films.
  • Study of thermal and chemical treatments of surfaces in controlled atmospheres.
  • Study of the electronic structure properties.
  • Studies of surface reactivity with special attention to processes and properties of catalytic materials.
  • Fabrication and synthesis of thin films made of organic and inorganic composition.